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The people of Bosnia have no electricity, the phones are not working and they are cut off from the rest of the world.

Bosnia is being hit with the worst flooding in over a century. The swollen rivers are carrying bridges, mudlisdes are destroying homes, the roads are blocked off leaving people stranded with no where to go.

The people of Bosnia have gone through so much, dating back to 1991 when the war and genocide took place. These people lost everything and had to start their lives over from scratch and now they are forced to go through yet another catastrophe.

People in Bosnia mostly depend on agriculture, and farming, and cattle. These floods and mudlsides have completely destroyed their way of any income, including destroying their homes. Unlike America, there is NO “home insurance” or “flood inurance” in Bosnia. There is no government assistance. Their homes are literally all that the people have, their homes that they worked to build since the war. People are being left with nothing and no where to go, so I ask you to please donate anything that you can.

After five days of torrential rain, state of emergency has been declared in several areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Bosnian Army is using boats to deliver food and drinking wate. Please help!

All funds will be donated to the Red Cross Society of Bosnia and Hercegovina for food, shelter, and everything else for those in need.

Please donate if you can, anything would be greatly appreciated.

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